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Why Should I Choose a Destination Wedding? 

A destination wedding is all about YOU and your loved ones! It may not come as a surprise that destination weddings are on the rise. With the average cost of a wedding in the UK at £25,000 and in the US at $35,300 and rising, many couples are choosing to ditch tradition and do it their way – there are a host of benefits for saying “I do” abroad…

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your guest list, then this ensures only the closest of your family and friends are there to witness your nuptials. Many couples opt to host a drinks party upon their return home to ensure that nobody feels left out. This is a perfect way for couples who have large extended families or feel pressured to invite distant relatives (or the entire office floor) to have their dream wedding without breaking the bank.

The real beauty is that once here, the bride, groom and their guests get to spend quality time together outside of their wedding day. Celebrations can last for as long as you want! Why not host a pool party and BBQ the day after to make the most of this precious time?

When Is the Best Time to Get Married on Koh Tao, Thailand?

January & February
Our high season spans from the end of December to the end of February when the weather is at its best with temperatures hovering around a comfortable 30°C/ 86°F.  Clear skies with light winds and calm waters make it the ideal time to visit the island.

March, April & May
The weather really hots up over the dry season. Temperatures can reach up to a steamy 40°C/104°F – perfect for sun worshipers! The sea is typically calm with improved visibility – perfect for scuba divers!
June, July & August
June provides a marginal drop in the temperature, and we can experience some short rain bursts which generally only last a few minutes. The average temperature during these months is around 31°C/88°F. With clear sunny days into August, it’s not uncommon for the winds to pick up slightly, providing a welcome breeze.

September & October
The air temperature drops a little for our ‘winter season’ to an average of 28°C/82°F.  We enjoy warm, sunny days and, whilst it’s considered our ‘low season’, it’s, in fact, a beautiful, quiet time of year to visit the island.

November & December
This is our monsoon season which can bring heavy downpours, and though not typically long-lasting, it would be a consideration whilst planning an outdoor wedding at this time of year.

How Can I Be Sure that my wedding will turn out the way I want even if I’m planning from overseas?

That’s why you hire us! We spend a lot of time getting to understand your vision, talking through what you want and going over the details of your day. You tell us what matters most to you and we make sure your wedding is beautiful and meaningful. 

Our promise is that we always get back to you within 24 hours and never leave you hanging. We genuinely respect your time and know this is a big deal for you - it’s a big deal for us, too! 

Trust us, we’re gonna make your wedding everything you want it to be about.

How do we stay updated throughout the planning process and coordinate with you?

When you hire Forever Lovestruck as your wedding planner, you’ll get access to Aisle Planner - our super savvy, easy-to-use online planning portal.

Through this online platform, we’ll share information, communicate, and stay updated on the process. You’ll get access to:

A shared calendar where you’ll see meeting appointments, can add appointments, due dates, and more
A checklist that shows you what we’ve done and what tasks are assigned to you to complete
A design studio to share your most favorite of all of those wedding images you’ve been pinning
Guest list management, so we all know how many invitations have gone out and who has RSVP'd
Budget management that reflects your budget for each category and what payments have been made or need to be made
Communication within the portal so we don’t miss something back and forth via email and can see all discussions in one place

Trust us - you’re going to love this powerful planning tool like we do.

Do you plan the travel arrangements and accommodations?

We definitely can assist you and your guests with travel arrangements. Most travellers fly directly into Bangkok and take the one hour connecting flight to Koh Samui International Airport. Koh Tao is just a comfortable two hour ferry ride away.

Koh Tao has an abundance of hotels and luxury villas. I’m happy to assist in the booking of accommodation and, being residents of Koh Tao ourselves, we can provide you with all the local information needed to make the best possible choices for you and your guests.

How Do I Get Legally Married in Thailand?

Getting married in Thailand is a relatively simple process, but it does require both parties to visit their respective embassies in Bangkok prior to arriving on Koh Tao.  Depending on the package you choose, it can take between 1-4 days to legally marry and costs vary accordingly.

In many cases, couples prefer to marry at a registry office in their home country prior to arrival and then hold a non-religious ceremony on their wedding day thus eliminating the need to visit Bangkok at all.

Regardless of which option you choose, I’m happy to assist you with the process and can recommend a specialist agency in Bangkok who can take all of your needs.

Do you arrange food, drinks and entertainment too?

Let’s not forget about some of the best parts, right?! We work with only the best suppliers from  Koh Tao and the surrounding areas. From a Thai-style fresh buffet to more traditional Western fayre, we offer you the very best that the island has to offer.  Want a mojito bar or a signature cocktail?  No problem!

With regards to entertainment, we have some of the best musicians you’re likely to hear anywhere in Thailand who are living and working locally, so your reception is sure to go off with a bang!

What other services do you offer?

We live on a small and secluded island, so we do many things and we do them well. We also help couples looking for:

  • Vow Renewals
  • Stag/Hen do’s
  • Luxury villa stays
  • Honeymoon destination planning from Thailand
  • Activity-based honeymoons

Plus, don’t forget to check out my ideas bank, elopement planning services and marriage proposal services on their respective pages.

Do you offer payment plans?

Once you pay your initial deposit, we lay out a payment plan so that you know exactly what is due and when.

How do I know if an all-inclusive destination wedding at a resort or your bespoke packages are a better fit for me?

The benefit of hiring a boutique planner who partners with local entertainers, artisans and entrepreneurs is that you get a more personalised and attentive experience. Plus, it’s more immersed in the local vibe and culture of our secluded island, giving you a more genuine feel.

You’re not another number in a booked out calendar for us. You’re you, and we work really closely together to make your experience something wonderful.

Besides, just because we create a bespoke experience doesn’t mean it doesn’t include everything you need.

Got more questions? Or ready to hit that contact button to talk about planning your wedding?

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