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Whether you’ve planned it well in advance, or you've spontaneously decided that now is the time to pop the question, then what better way to surprise your other half than with a romantic proposal on a tropical island! Koh Tao, in the Gulf of Thailand, is the perfect place to provide you with that once-in-a-lifetime and jaw-droppingly beautiful backdrop to your proposal.

Here we’ve put together a list of ideas for proposing on Koh Tao, or on any tiny island – wherever that may be!

Propose on one of the island’s many viewpoints

Feeling adventurous and don’t mind a bit of a hike? Koh Tao enjoys some of the most stunning views in the world, so why not take advantage of them and make your proposal and the obligatory proposal selfies as breathtaking as the vista.

Koh Tao View Point proposal wedding.jpgPropose on a private boat ride

Hire a traditional Thai ‘longtail’ for a private boat ride around the island, and then pick your spot, either on the boat itself or on one of the beautiful beaches that your driver will take you too. Whichever you choose, the setting will be especially romantic: with your toes in the sand or surrounded by the crystal clear waters of Koh Tao.

Koh Tao Longtail Proposal.jpgSpend the night in an individually crafted boutique villa

Koh Tao is very lucky to have a fantastic range of beautiful suites and villas that are just perfect for those who’d prefer an intimate and private proposal. With in-villa private dining or spa treatments to add that extra luxury, your future spouse will love that you're in such a pampered environment, and you'll love the fact that it’s just the two of you.

Casas Del Sol Villa Koh Tao Wedding.jpg

Casas Del Sol, Koh Tao

Villa Sabai Jai Koh Tao Wedding.jpg

Villa Sabai Jai, Koh Tao

Pop the question on the beach

What could be more romantic that a beachside proposal? With plenty of venues to choose from, we can create a truly magical environment for you to get down on bended knee to ask your beloved that all-important question, either right on the water’s front or in a secluded area of a restaurant if you want a little more privacy. Another great idea is a picnic as they are small, beautiful and very romantic, and because of the casual atmosphere, it'll be that much more of a surprise when you pop the question! Plus, you’ve then got the rest of the day to celebrate!

Koh Tao Proposal by Forever Lovestruck.jpg

Do it as part of a thrill-seeking activity

With plenty of options to keep even the most active of couples busy, why not add an unforgettable element to your day of adventure! Abseil down one of Koh Tao’s enormous granite boulders and then pop the question, have a flying trapeze lesson and get down on one knee, or do an introductory scuba dive and using hand signals alone, ask your beloved for their hand in marriage!

Adventure marriage proposals Koh Tao Thailand

Photo credit: Goodtime Adventures, Koh Tao

Regardless of what option you choose, they're all a fabulous way of telling your loved one you want to spend the rest of your life with them!

Watch out for our up-and-coming interview with one such couple, Matt and Linka, who got engaged on Koh Tao last month; it was such a privilege to be part of their special moment!

If you are considering popping the question on Koh Tao, have a look at our Proposals Page for more information or Contact Us here!

‘First Look’ photography is the new kid in town and it’s growing in popularity. If you’re not sure what it is or if you’ve have never heard of it, it’s that magical moment when your spouse-to-be first sets eyes on you, the beloved bride, and both your emotions come rushing out.  For me, it is one of the most powerful photos taken at a wedding where I make sure I have the tissues ready!  A growing trend is to have this intimate moment privately BEFORE your ceremony, with just your wedding photographer, to capture that special, candid first look between you both.
First Look Photography

Photo credit:  The Youngrens

This is something that will split most people into one camp or the other – you’ll either be blown away by the idea and be calling your wedding planner right now to make sure you include this in your wedding, or you’ll be wondering why on Earth you’d want to lose that moment when you first lock eyes coming down the aisle.

This decision is down to the both of you because that first look will take your breath away; your heart will want to explode with the overwhelming wave of love that you’re both feeling for each other in that single moment of time; you may forget to breathe, or burst into tears or simply be grinning from ear to ear. However you both react, this is one of the most intimate moments of your life together, so deciding if this moment will be before the ceremony, or as you walk down the aisle, has to be the right call for both of you.

Here’s our lowdown on the pros and cons of having a First Look photo shoot:

Throughout our lives, we regularly employ others to help us pick our way through major (and minor!) events in our lives: an estate agent to help us to buy or sell our home, a car dealership to buy or sell our car, a travel agent/website to arrange our annual holiday, delivery companies to ease the effort of getting our purchases to our door, apps to help us get the best online deals, to name just a few. We use intermediaries practically every day to help us to achieve our objectives without even thinking about it. So when it comes to your wedding, why wouldn’t you hire a wedding planner?!

Your wedding day will be one of the most elaborate events that you’ll plan in your whole life, whether it’s an elopement, a simple affair, or something larger with all the bells and whistles. Whilst most of us brides-to-be would like to think that we can do everything and organise the Wedding of the Century as well as carrying on with our already ‘bursting-at-the-seams’ lives, the reality of planning a wedding soon hits home, and for those of us dreaming of a wedding in a far-off land, it can seem like an even more daunting task.

This is when having a wedding planner for your destination wedding will very quickly make you realise that having eyes, ears and feet in the locality are not only a necessity, but a true blessing! Not only will a wedding planner be dedicated to listening to what you want for your BIG day, they’re be able to guide you through what to expect at your selected destination, the legalities of getting married abroad and all those little things that only someone living in the locality will know.

Local Knowledge

Koh Tao Beach WeddingWhether you know the destination or not, having a wedding planner who lives at your chosen destination, who understands the local culture and more importantly, knows who to contact and how to get things done, means that you can have your cake and eat it – literally!

We’ve written all sorts of blogs to help you with your destination wedding to Koh Tao and now we’re hitting the big topic of all weddings…the dress! With so many things to think about - the style, the cut, the fabric and, of course, the weather - where does a bride even start? Well… here would be a good place!

Wedding Dress Designer James Steward

Award-winning, couture wedding dress designer James Steward has kindly provided us with some simple guidelines to help you, our Forever Lovestruck brides, think of every eventuality and to ensure that your dress is simply perfect for your tropical island destination wedding.

We’ve all been there - you’re off on holiday, you’ve done your bikini diet and now it’s time to enjoy all the local cuisine and cocktails that are on offer. But what if you want the best of both worlds? How do you mix entertaining your guests with delicious food and sunset cocktails whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  Whether you’re coming here for your destination wedding or are just coming on holiday, Koh Tao is a holiday destination where it's surprisingly simple to Live Well and Eat Well.

Live Well

A previous blog, ‘Why you should get married in Koh Tao – Part 2’, details the activities available on our little slice of paradise that range from rock climbing and cliff jumping to paddle boarding and hiking, but there’s more…

Grounded Yoga Koh Tao

Grounded is a wellbeing centre that offers classes in yoga, Pilates, meditation, primal flow, Latin dance and functional strength workshops as well retreats and hosted hikes to the breath-taking viewpoints of Koh Tao. They also work closely with the community offering the space for Saturday weekly markets and Wednesday "Crafternoons', plus they organise beach clean-ups, which anyone can join.  Their classes, which are 300THB, are small and intimate. You can pick from beach yoga, at Maya Beach Club, in the morning, or rooftop sunset yoga, at Summer Guesthouse, in the evening. You also have the option of a guided paddleboard tour after your morning beach yoga; what a great way to further relax and explore Koh Tao!